“White Noise – and Beyond the Infinite!”

To Infinity – and Beyond! Buzz Lightyear abused my iPhone to post this pic of Žilvinas Kempinas' 'White Noise'

The transmediale.10 exhibition Future Obscura [1] – curated by Honor Hager –  presented artworks that use the materials, mechanisms and machines of image-making to illuminate and define our relationship with atemporality – the collision of past, present and future.

One of my favorites artworks in this exhibition was a quite simple, but aesthetically very effective installation by Žilvinas Kempinas, born 1969 in Lithuania who lives and works now in New York. [2] He uses unspooled videotape and electric fans to conjure transfixing visual conundrums such as Flying Tape (2004), which levitated a room-size loop of video tape on the air currents from a circle of fans; and White Noise (2007), which recreated a monumental kinetic screen of “weißem Rauschen”  on the gallery wall. [3]

In the FUTURITY NOW! context it is the work’s stunning force of attraction – cleverly arranged as the single work in a separate room at the HKW – that appealed to me the most  and lured me to getting absorbed by the infinitely buzzing environment.

Quite similar to Dr. David Bowman’s voyage through the 2001 – A Space Odysse’s “Star Gate” you are encountering the vertigo of the racing at great speed across vast distances of space aware to dive into eternity. It’s my second personal reminiscence [4] to Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking moving picture in the transmediale.10 context and it says  a lot  about Future Obscura’s definition of atemporality: 2001 defined an image of the future which won’t disappear into the white noise.

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