2010 – A Platonic Solid Meets »KuBrick« at Transmediale

In our mental 2010 movie, this time the earthlings could have pampered the alien entity from beyond (courtesy Other Sounds)

2010 – The Year We Make Contact by Peter Hyams was the 1984 sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking 2001: A Space Odyssee – both movies based on novels by British writer Arthur C. Clarke –, but it was an epic fail and an inexcusable offense against any audience attracted to a further exploitation of the by then and till now peerless as well as untouchable monolith of science fiction cinema.

But now there is a new hope for Berlin: 2010 is the year, we make contact with the condign successor of the mysterious black “KuBrick” – which seems meanwhile to be regarded as the cinematographic set design’s equivalent to Malevich’s Black Square. [1]

Its shape aims to be one of the five Platonic solids, the Dodecahedron, it is black as well, but it is communicating with us not only by sound, yet by his light emitting edges. It’s this year’s transmediale.10 Award nominee Félix Luque Sánchez’ Chapter I – The Discovery. [2]

More then the sheer object on display at the Instituto Cervantes Berlin during transmediale.10 [3], there are the few, but distinguished video sequences that loop the fictitious discovery of the dodecahedronic anomaly in strange, but beautifully sorted environments. The video stills of Sánchez’ footage – with support of Iñigo Bilbao (3D videos) and Nicolás Torres (video camera) provide the impact of the forever missing 2010 movie Stanley Kubrick never wanted or dared to realise and we all dream of like the Star Child in the final sequence of the original Space Odyssee.

[1] Wikipedia image of Kasimir Malevich’s Black Square
[2] Félix Luque Sánchez’ Website Other Sounds
[3] transmediale.10 Award Nominee Chapter I – The Discovery

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