PERRY RHODAN #2600 Launches Open Access to all the Series’ Pages Ever Published

It is to be the “largest e-book project in the world”: Together with its technical partner book wire GmbH [1] the PERRY RHODAN editors are planning to make all previously released 200,000 pages of the series completely available for download – “a world record attempt,” as the publisher VPM [2] tells.

The attempt launches with the new “Jubillee” issue 2600 “Das Thanatos-Programm” of the weekly series, followed by the Silver Bands, and all other off-series paperback novels. The project is starting on 17 June with the launching very number 2600 of the world’s largest science-fiction novel series, which runs now for nearly 50 years and will celeberate this event in the end of September with a special world convention in Mannheim – WeltCon2011 [3] – an special event I am happy to contribute to in form of the “Space Design” panel. [4]

The e-Pub formatted files won’t be free of charge (€ 1,59), but they won’t be burdenend by any Digital Rights Management foo “to run on all e-reader platforms.” [5]

[1] Official book wire GmbH web site
[2] Official PERRY RHODAN web site
[3] Special WeltCon2001 themed web site by PERRY RHODAN
[5] reports “PERRY RHODAN zum Jubiläum kostenlos zum Download”

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